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  1. Der Eurail Global Pass ist dein Ticket um Europa mit dem Zug zu bereisen. Unbegrenztes reisen in 28 Ländern, bis zu drei Monate lang. Einfach nur für einen Kurztrip an das Mittelmeer, nach Skandinavien über den Polarkreis hinaus oder die ganz große Runde durch Europa. Du findest hier sicherlich den passende Eurail Pass für dich
  2. Use rail passes for unlimited travel in Europe and Germany One pass, a thousand destinations! Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, for a few days or a whole month - our rail pass offers allow you to enjoy unlimited travel throughout Europe or Germany Find the perfect rail pass her
  3. 25+ Year Authorized Seller of Eurail Passes. Search Europe Rail Passes: Countries . Select Countries. All 28 Eurail Countries. Or Clear All . Select Country. All 28 Eurail Countries. Save and Close the Panel. Start Date . Travelers . Select Travelers Senior (60+) Adults (29-59) Youth (12-27) Child (0-11) Save and Close. Rail Travel Days . Select Validity. 1 Day in 1 Month; 2 Days in 1 Month.

The Interrail Germany Pass is the best way to discover Germany's gigantic beer festivals, beautiful nature, impressive history, and many other highlights. Visit popular cites like Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Cologne. Available for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 travel days within 1 month. Take as many trains as you want on each travel day Eurail in Germany is simple. Besides the state railway DB there are many private railway companies and most of them accept the Eurail ticket. Reservations are needed for certain international trains only, so you can basically just hop on a train and start travelling. Between the big cities there is a dense network of Intercity trains, but you can also easily reach more rural areas. Besides destinations such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne there are many smaller cities waiting to be. Mit dem German Rail Pass Deutschland stressfrei per Bahn bereisen. Mit diesem Spezialangebot der Deutschen Bahn kannst du alle fahrplanmäßigen Züge der Deutschen Bahn nutzen. Das ganze für bis zu 15 Tage. Die ICE-Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge sind im Preis inbegriffen

German Rail Pass: flat-rate travel for Germany The German Rail Pass offers travellers who live outside of Europe, Turkey and Russia unlimited travel across Germany Currently, there are no Eurail One Country Passes for Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey. If you're looking for a single rail pass for Germany, we've got something great for you: the German Rail Pass

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Traveling with a Eurail Pass. With a Eurail Pass you can travel in all countries on the Europe rail map above, now including Great Britain. Please note that most high-speed trains and all night trains need an advance reservation. These are not included in your Eurail Pass. We can help you book your seat reservations for 95% of the trains in Europe With a Eurail Pass, it's easy to switch from an ICE train at Ingolstadt, for example, to a regional train that will take you out to the romantic Bavarian town of Regensburg. To get to the historic university town of Heidelberg — Germany's version of Oxford — you can take a fast train to Mannheim. Here you'll switch to a regional train for the final leg. Or to visit a unique cultural.

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Your Eurail Pass consists of a Pass Cover with a ticket attached inside. Important: Do not detach your ticket from your Pass Cover as one is not valid without the other. Once you receive your Eurail Pass, it's important to first check all the details, especially your name, passport/ ID number, and validity period A Eurail Pass is a single train pass that lets you travel across 33 European countries as much as you want on participating European train networks for a set amount of travel days. Enjoy the incredible variety of different European cultures, or travel around a single country and soak up the local ambience with Eurail Wer kein europäischer Staatsangehöriger ist, kann stattdessen mit einem Eurail-Pass reisen, der auf Eurail.com zum selben Preis wie ein Interrail-Pass erhältlich ist. Wenn du kein europäischer Staatsbürger bist, aber dauerhaft in Europa wohnst, kannst du dich auch für die Nutzung eines Interrail-Passes entscheiden Take advantage: Eurail Passes give you free transportation on Germany's S-Bahn (suburban metro railways), which is operated by Deutsche Bahn in most major cities. How to use Eurail Pass benefits If you're using Eurail Pass benefits that include free passage or crossing, then you must fill in a travel day on your pass

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Your Eurail pass consists of a ticket and a pass cover. Each time before boarding a train, bus, or boat, it is important that you record your trip in the travel report on the pass cover (in blue or black ink) and write the date of travel on your pass too German Flexi Rail Pass Explore Germany by rail. Choose 3 to 15 days of train travel within 1 month. The High-speed and efficient German rail network will get you to the world famous sites of the Black Forest, the Rhine Valley and the castles of Bavaria. Germany has never been more exciting or accessible

On the flip side, some countries really do offer amazing value with a Eurail pass. In my opinion, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are great countries for the Eurail pass because a) they tend to have very expensive point to point tickets and b) they largely don't require mandatory reservations Eurail Pass? German Rail Pass? - Info please ! Dieses Thema im Forum Talk wurde erstellt von Esh, 05. Juli 2007. Esh Newbie. Registriert seit: 05. Juli 2007 Beiträge: 6 Zustimmungen: 0. Hi, I have a quick question for you guys who know anything about how the German train system works. Me and my other 3 friends are planning a 16 days trip to Germany (Wacken & Party San) and Holland (you know. Nur bei Eurail gibt es einen sehr günstigen Skandinavien-Pass (gültig in Dänemark, Finnland, Norwegen und Schweden) in der Kategorie Ein-Land-Pass. Gegenüber Europäern haben Eurail-Anspruchsberechtigte den Vorteil, dass sie sowohl einen Ein-Land-Pass für jedes beliebige Land erwerben und nutzen können als auch den Globalpass überall uneingeschränkt für beliebige Fahrten nutzen können

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Eurail One Country Pass The Eurail One Country Pass is the best choice if you want to spend your vacation experiencing 1 European country. Choose from popular countries like Italy and Spain and use regional and high-speed trains to move from one beautiful city center to the next with our One Country Pass Visit Germany and Denmark and experience the thrill of skiing in the Alps in Germany, or the friendly and captivating city of Copenhagen, with its beautiful harbour and Danish Royal history. A day of rail travel is a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight. This allows for unlimited travel on any number of trains for each day of use The Eurail Global Pass offers consecutive-day first-class travel in Europe (including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) for 5 days or up to 3 months, depending upon the duration you choose. Prices per day.

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The use of Germany rail passes is the best way to travel around Germany during your next European adventure. Visit our website to book your pass today. Visit our website to book your pass today. 1.866.938.7245 info@acprail.co So if you have a pass for Germany rail than mostly likely the app you would use is DBahn. Posted by Chris F. Basel, Switzerland. 08/17/18 08:55 PM. 8889 posts. I think I have worked out what jsawyer means. DB (Deutsche Bahn) is the German National Rail company. They run most (but not all) of the trains in Germany. A Eurail Pass is a pass which allows you to travel on the trains belonging to.

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A Eurail Pass valid in Germany is valid with the national railway company DB (www.bahn.com) and is also valid for travel from Germany to the stations of Basel Bad Bf (Switzerland) and Salzburg Hbf (Austria). S-Bahn: free transportation on the S-Bahn in major German cities. S-Bahn can be recognised by the logo; white S on a green background. Eurail Aid Offices Reisezentrum Berlin Hauptbahnhof. If your Eurail Pass is valid in Germany, travel on the S-bahn is free! But the joy of the central section is that with a sturdy pair of shoes, it's possible to walk between the main sights. 24 hours in Berlin: The itinerary 9.30am - The Berlin Wall. You can't avoid the Wall, so you may as well start with it. There isn't actually a single wall, but instead a looping network of monuments. The Eurail Pass, however, works in a similar way as the Interrail Pass and allows you to travel the exact same (parts of) the continent by train. In first class you travel particularly comfortably across Europe. photos filters GLOBAL PASS - 33 COUNTRIES v.a. € 185. INTERRAIL GLOBAL PASS. v.a. € 185. Eurail Global Pass. One Country Pass v.a. € 51. List of all Interrail One Country Passes.

A Global Pass would obviously give you the most flexibility across Europe covering 22 countries, but you may also want to look into the various Regional Passes that are available with Germany as a destination, like the Eurail Austria - Germany Pass, Eurail Benelux - Germany Pass, Eurail Czech Republic - Germany Pass, Eurail Denmark - Germany Pass, Eurail France - Germany Pass, Eurail Germany. We did 6 weeks in Germany Dec 12/Jan13 I investigated all kinds of passes (eurail and German railpass) and finally decided that point to point tickets were better for us. 6 weeks worth of travel bought 92 days ahead (advance purchase 'specials' tickets) cost me less for both of us than a eurail pass would have cost for one. We made really good use of the Lander ticket too (we were in Worms for.

Many translated example sentences containing Eurail pass - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations There's no better way to visit the German Christmas markets than with your Eurail Pass, since you'll definitely want to visit more than one! Visit markets in Germany's major cities, such as Berlin, Munich or Dresden or head to a smaller city for some added charm. The German Christmas markets date back to the Late Middle Ages. They started. Travel across 33 countries in Europe with the best and cheapest rail pass in Europe for Europeans. Take the first step of your epic European train travel and explore the beauties of Europe with Interrail With the German Rail Pass, you can also travel on DB trains to the following border stations: Basel Badischer Bahnhof (Switzerland), Salzburg, Kufstein and Innsbruck (Austria), Liège and Brussels (Belgium), Bolzano, Trento, Verona, Bologna, and Venice (Italy). You can also take any IC Bus using your German Rail Pass. No need to worry about purchasing multiple tickets, only one pass needed for.

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  1. Eurail.co.uk - Eurail Pass UK, Eurail Europe, Eurail Travel Europe, Eurail, Eurail Map, Eurail Vacation, European Rail Travel, European Train Travel, Eurail
  2. Attention backpackers, globetrotters, city hoppers and holiday lovers: As holders of the InterRail-, Eurail- or German Rail Pass you get a 10% discount in all A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Czech Republic on the daily updated accommodation rate. How it works: Reservations must be made in advance by booking online or calling our central reservation office. Of.
  3. Great for Eurail pass: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, all Scandinavian countries, Portugal. These countries often have fast trains, easy connections to almost everywhere in the country and don't require a reservation fee! Good for Eurail pass: Italy and France have great, fast trains, but you will mostly have to pay a fee to use them. I recommend you read the Train.
  4. YOUR QUESTIONS/ OUR ANSWERS! We share our tips on best practices for a Eurail pass. Shop Eurail Passes: http://bit.ly/EurailPassesSUBSCRIBE for New travel v..
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Let's say you want a Eurail pass for Germany The premise is similar to that of the Eurail Pass, as you can get up to eight days of unlimited travel throughout the German rail network. There's nowhere in Germany you can't go with this pass, and those under 28 can even travel with the further discounted Youth Pass. BahnCards (Loyalty cards & Railcards) If you're moving to Germany or. Eurail Germany and Switzerland Pass Features. From 4 to 8 travel days. Unlimited travel on the national network of Germany and Switzerland. Options for 1st class or 2nd class. Youth Pass:Valid for people under 26 years old. Saver pass:It's a special fare when 2 or more people travels together all the time. * Prices are per person. Children under 12 years old may travel free when travelling. Eurail Pass adalah tiket terusan Kereta Api Eropa yang berlaku tanpa batas jarak di 1 hingga 31 negara di Eropa dengan sistem penggunaan harian secara berurutan ataupun secara fleksibel (tidak berurutan). Eurail Globalpass, Eurail Global Flexi, Eurail One Country Pass, Point to Point Many translated example sentences containing Eurail-passing - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations German Rail Pass Aktivieren. Extremes Unwetter . Der Bahnverkehr ist am Montag weiterhin in weiten Teilen des Landes stark beeinträchtigt. Kostenlose Hotline: 08000 996633. Mehr Infos auf bahn.de/aktuell! Alles rund um die Fahrkarte Unsere Kategorien. Alles rund um die Fahrkarte. Auf der Reise . BahnCard, BahnBonus und BahnComfort. Alles rund um Zugverbindungen. Digitale Produkte. Ereignisse.

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There is no better way to explore Germany than with the German railpass. You have a choice of 4 to10 flexible days of travel within a 1 month period. Adult first class and second class passes are available. There are also Twinpasses good for two or more people traveling together (price is per person). Travelers under 26 can save with the Germany Youthpass Visit popular destinations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, such as Munich, Berlin, Interlaken, Lucerne, Zermatt, Vienne, Prague, and more, with unlimited train rides by purchasing the Eurail Pass for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Enjoy a convenient delivery service and other travel benefits by booking through Klook The Eurail Germany and Switzerland Pass is a great value for those planning rail travel in both Germany and Switzerland. Choose from between 4-10 rail days or enjoy even greater savings with the Saverpass if you are planning to travel in a group of 2 or more people. Youth discounts are also available for those traveling under the age of 27. Travel days are flexible and must be taken within a 2 month time frame

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  1. The Eurail Pass, introduced in 1959 and formerly known as Europass or Eurorail Pass, is a rail pass which permits travel through 33 European countries on nearly all railroads and several shipping lines. The Eurail Group, based in Utrecht, is responsible for the marketing and management of the Eurail and Interrail passes
  2. Wenn du keinen Wohnsitz in Europa hast, kannst du mit einem Eurail-Pass reisen
  3. After some 750 miles by train through Germany I left the capital with a heavy heart. My two weeks in Germany had been so much more than I'd imagined, and the ease and flexibility afforded to me by my Eurail Pass had me fantasizing about a return trip before my train had even left the outer reaches of sprawling Berlin

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Eurail Global Pass. Consecutive or flexible travel days; Often cheaper than multiple single-journey tickets; Valid in 31 countries in Europe Valid on (almost) all trains in Europe Free travel on most panoramic routes; Free travel on the ferry from Italy to Greece; Discounts on many other ferrie An Interrail or a Eurail pass is a travel document that allows you to travel in Europe by train. The main idea behind this European rail pass is that you only have one ticket (which is your pass) and an unlimited amount of options to travel in European countries during the entire period your pass is valid The Eurail saver pass and ticketing system has brought about a huge improvement in rail travel throughout the entire European continent, which is especially appealing to those traveling in from overseas, due to its user friendly simplicity The first thing you need to do is purchase your Eurail pass. The Eurail website has an excellent system that will help you choose the best pass to buy. You enter the number of days traveling and the countries and/or cities you are going to, and it will suggest the best options

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Having a Eurail train pass made traveling through Germany and Italy a breeze. From spectacular sunsets to stunning scenery - this is the only way to travel in Europe Also, a German Youth Pass is available to travelers under the age of 26 on the first day of travel - 2nd class only. Special pricing is available when two or more people are traveling together on a German Rail Twin Pass Order Passes *Affiliate links on this page may receive a commission. EurailDetails; Free travel on KD River Steamers on certain Rhine, Main and Moselle River sections. Free. Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass; The Germany and Benelux Eurail Pass is a great value for those planning rail travel in Germany,Belgium, TheNetherlands and Luxembourg. Choose from 5, 6,8 or 10 rail days or enjoy even greater savings with the Saverpass if you are planning to travel in a group of 2 or more people. Youth discounts are also available for those traveling under the age of 26. Travel days are flexible and must be taken within a 2 month time frame Answer 1 of 6: EURAIL PASS? Is this the cost effective way for my wife and I to travel by train from Munich to Regensburg and then west to Donaueschingen, before we cycle for two weeks down to Vienna. From Vienna to Berlin; then Paris; to Bergerac and back to.. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany. A Eurail Pass is probably the most expensive item on your Europe trip, so naturally you'd want to maximise it to the fullest value. Depending on the number of days you'll be travelling on trains, your Eurail Pass could cost anywhere between ~S$479 for a 5-day (1-month flexi) pass and ~S$1,150 for 15 days (2-month flexi). For us, we bought a 7-day.

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  1. Mit dem Eurail Pass darf nur reisen, wer seinen Wohnsitz außerhalb Europas hat. Varianten und Preise sind ähnlich gestaffelt wie beim InterRail Pass, allerdings erstreckt sich der Gültigkeitszeitraum standardmäßig über zwei Monate. Der Eurail Pass wird als Global Pass, Regional Pass, Select Pass und One Country Pass angeboten
  2. Plan your trip in Germany with a travel map from RailPass.com. Use the map to locate major cities and popular regions in Germany. Then, explore by train
  3. Explore Germany for as little as EUR 21.10 and book a ticket you can cancel if necessary. Find out mor
  4. Freely explore three beautiful countries as you wish by purchasing this Eurail Pass for Germany, France & Switzerland. Giving you unlimited train rides in Germany, France, and Switzerland, you'll get to visit popular destinations such as Berlin, Munich, Paris, Bordeaux, Zurich, Interlaken, Lucerne, Zermatt, and more, without having to purchase tickets separately at each station. As a bonus, get 20% off your booking when you purchase a pass from 30 Nov-31 Dec! Simply make a booking on the.
  5. Don't try validating your pass on a Sunday morning in small-town Germany when they run on restricted schedulesyour train may leave before the office even opens! Take extra care filling out your pass. It's also really important that you fill out your pass every time you start a leg of your journey. Because the Eurail pass gives you a specific number of travel days within a certain time.
  6. The best way to use this train network is to get yourself a Eurail Pass. Eurail passes are eaily the cheapest way to travel the European train network, especially if you plan on making many trips during your holiday. Go here if you want a simpler rail map of Europe. Author Posted on Categories Travel Post navigation. Previous Previous post: Map of Barcelona. Next Next post: German Election Map.
  7. Some individual countries have pass programs but in most of these cases, there is no corresponding Eurail One Country Pass. Examples include: Examples include: German Rail Pass : Available in many versions, covers Germany's excellent rail network plus offers bus and boat tour discounts, free public transport in some cities and much more
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Travel all over Germany and the Benelux region without any worries by purchasing the Eurail Pass for Germany & Benelux! Giving you unlimited train rides in Germany, Bergium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, you'll easily be able to explore popular destinations such as Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Berlin. As a bonus, get 20% off your booking when you purchase a pass from 30 Nov-31 Dec! Simply make a booking on the Klook website/app, select the latest date you want to receive your pass. Eurail Germany and Poland Pass Features. From 4 to 10 travel days. Unlimited travel on the national network of Austria and Italy. Options for 1st class or 2nd class. Youth Pass:Valid for people under 26 years old. Saver pass:It's a special fare when 2 or more people travels together all the time. * Prices are per person. Children under 12 years old may travel free when travelling with adults. Enjoy easy and hassle-free travels all over Germany and Austria with the Eurail Pass for Germany & Austria. Giving you unlimited train rides for both countries in one single travel pass, you'll get to explore the most popular destinations in the area, such as Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Berlin, and more, without having to purchase tickets separately at each train station. As a bonus, get 20% off your booking when you purchase a pass from 30 Nov-31 Dec! Simply make a booking on the Klook. The Eurail Pass is a single train pass that lets you travel as much as you want on participating European train networks for a set amount of travel days. There are different validities you can choose from, ranging from just 4 travel days up to a maximum of 3 months

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Eurail Pass : voyagez librement dans toute l'Europe L'Eurail Pass est destiné aux voyageurs résidant en dehors de l'Europe, de la Russie et de la Turquie Italy: EuroCity trains to/from Bolzano, Verona, Bologna, or Venice (but German Rail Pass does not cover the full cost on night trains or routes via Villach; reserve these Italian tickets either in train stations, or book online and enter that you have a Eurail Global Pass — thanks to a quirk in Rail Europe's system, you can only get this particular German Rail Pass benefit by temporarily claiming to have a Global Passgo figure Answer 1 of 2: On Tripadvisor's Germany travel forum, travellers are asking questions and offering advice on topics like Is rural pass valid on ice trains? Mit einem deutschen Eurail-Pass können Sie all dies und noch viel mehr erleben, während Sie eines der komfortabelsten und umfassendsten Schienennetze der Welt nutzen! Deutsche Eurail Pass Vorteile. Mit Ihrem Eurail-Pass profitieren Sie von zahlreichen Vergünstigungen wie ermäßigten Tarifen und kostenlosen Fahrten / Einfahrten mit teilnehmenden Fähren, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Hotels. Der Interrail/Eurail Pass ist ein Pass, der den Inhaber abhängig von der gewählten Kate- gorie und dem gewählten Geltungsbereich dazu berechtigt, alle Strecken des Unterneh- mens, für die der Pass während einer festgelegten Geltungsdauer gültig ist, zu bereisen

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BUY EURAIL PASS >> Explore Europe with a Eurail pass. The Eurail Global Pass is the result of special cooperation between 28 European railways in order to offer discounted rail travel to non-European residents. Eurail Global Passes are exceptional value for passengers who wish to travel in one or several European countries With the Eurail Select Pass you only pay for the countries you want to visit. You can select 2, 3, or 4 countries in Europe, as long as they border each other. For example you can combine train travel to Spain, France, Italy and Germany with the Eurail Select Pass. One Country Pass: Travel around one country in Europe with the Eurail One. Eurail, Utrecht. 326,157 likes · 553 talking about this. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore Europe by train Als Besitzer eines InterRail-, Eurail- oder German Rail-Passes erhalten Sie 10 % Ermäßigung auf die tagesaktuelle Übernachtungsrate in allen A&O HOTELS und HOSTELS in Deutschland, Österreich, Tschechien, den Niederlanden sowie Italien und Dänemark. Machen Sie Zwischenstopp in einem unserer Häuser und genießen Sie Ihre Reise zum Bestpreis I'm currently touring Europe on Eurail Global Pass. We went to Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, and it was all good with the pass. Then we entered France. And that was the first time, we realized the pass was more of a problem than a solution. The French just didn't like the idea of us traveling on TGV without having to pay the full price of a TGV ticket. Out of the 3 journeys that I've had.

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Why are you comparing an 8-day trip in Germany to a 7-day Eurail Global pass instead of a 7-day German pass at 388 euros for a pair? Laura, I believed the title of this thread was Eurail Mobile Pass, and we were discussing the efficacy of the Eurail Mobile Pass. I was staying on topic. (See item 1 of the Community Guidelines.) But, in my analysis (you know I do detailed analyses), I did. Eurail Youth Pass Types . There are two types of Eurail youth passes—the global pass and the one country pass. If you're planning to do a Euro-trip and visit more than one country, you will need a global pass. If you only want to explore several cities in a single country, you would purchase the one country pass Eurail Global Pass. Are Eurail Global Passes generally a good value? The Eurail Global Pass now covers virtually all European countries — even Britain. For see-it-all train travelers out to experience as much of Europe as possible, the Eurail Global Pass is the best option. Covering 33 countries, the Global Pass allows you to travel freely. Eurail, Utrecht. Gefällt 326.083 Mal · 329 Personen sprechen darüber. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore.. Eurail, Utrecht. 326,083 likes · 478 talking about this. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore Europe by train

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Answer 1 of 2: Is rural pass valid on ice trains? : Get Germany travel advice on Tripadvisor's Germany travel forum Your Eurail Pass is precious, but you don't need to worry about losing or damaging your mobile Pass. It's always on your phone, so you can set off on spontaneous day trip or save money with our Pass discounts and benefits, wherever you are

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Eurail, Utrecht. 326,150 likes · 534 talking about this. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore Europe by train Interrail & Eurail passes allow you to use Eurostar between London, Ebbsfleet or Ashford and Calais, Lille, Paris, Brussels, Disneyland, Rotterdam & Amsterdam if you pay a special Eurostar passholder fare. Eurostar became a full member of the Interrail & Eurail pass schemes in January 2017 German Rail Pass; Interrail Pass; Eurail Pass; BahnCard; Reserva de asiento; Viajar con niños; Eurail Pass : viaje por Europa sin limitaciones. Los viajeros residentes fuera de Europa, Rusia o Turquía pueden beneficiarse de todas las ventajas del Eurail Pass. Sus ventajas. Viaje sin limitaciones por 31 países europeos, incluida Turquía, con solo un pase. Viaje varios días seguidos o días.

Eurail, Utrecht. 326,007 likes · 446 talking about this. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore Europe by train Eurail Germany-Switzerland-Italy Pass Unlimited travel in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. View Prices *Affiliate links on this page may receive a commission. The Eurail Germany and Switzerland Pass is a great value for those planning rail travel in both Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Choose from between 4-10 rail days or enjoy even greater savings with the Saverpass if you are planning to. Eurail, Utrecht. 326,136 likes · 503 talking about this. Official Eurail Facebook page, hosted by Eurail.com. A community for travel fans who, like us at www.eurail.com, love to explore Europe by train

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Eurail Pass without a passport or a legal equivalent are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euros, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking. 3. A Eurail Pass must be activated . A Eurail Pass must be activated before it can be used. In case a Pass is not activated at issuance, activation can be done at a major train station ticket window or.

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